• Antonella Nuzzaci Università degli Studi dell'Aquila


The issue deals with some salient educational issues, such as the relationship between new media and learning, between universal design and acquisition processes, between play and knowledge, between personal epistemologies and didactics, between sustainable development goals and inclusion, up to considering emerging aspects such as those related to competences that lead the subject to autonomy and self-determination. A fruitful debate that sees in the intersection of historical, theoretical, methodological and empirical elements the reconstruction of a complex scientific framework that testifies to the importance assumed by education in a society that promotes the values and principles of inclusion.




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Nuzzaci, A. (2022). Editoriale. Journal of Inclusive Methodology and Technology in Learning and Teaching, 2(2). Recuperato da https://inclusiveteaching.it/index.php/inclusiveteaching/article/view/42